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Sale Millennium eScrapbook - Clive Robinson 12/08/13

The Millennium Scrapbook of Sale was an idea that came out of a Sale Photographic Society committee meeting just before Christmas 1999, and was put forward as a way that 'The Society' could leave a lasting legacy of its work, and provide an image of how Sale looked in the year 2000.

The idea was that all the members at the time were given a roll of FILM to record Sale's social history and all images were taken between June 2000 and May 2001. Seventeen sets of images were finally received and costs for the prints and film were sponsored by a small grant from the Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.

It was always considered that the images weren't intended to be 'competition winners' but a record of Sale at the turn of the millennium. It has been decided that the Scrapbook should now be available in a digital form and be made available on the SPS website.

A number of commercially produced scanned image were also obtained but unfortunately some the CD's have deteriorated over the years so many images had to be rescanned from the original prints, some of which have started to fade.

Even though you may not think much has changed in Sale over the last thirteen years I am sure that you will spot many changes since 2000, but I noticed The Met/The Queen's is no longer there together with the Sale Civic Theatre which is now the Waterside. The Dove Cote has now been moved to Walkden Gardens. Sale running track is no longer there together with Bertram Finch Centre on Marsland Road. There are many new buildings and shop, banks, garages etc have changed their names and many buildings that were being built including Marks and Spencer's on Cross Street.

The general location is to give a rough location. However, some additional images can also be included.

Sale Millennium eScrapbook Galleries

Gallery General location Images Slideshow
01 General 01 Images 01 Slides
02 Norris Rd/Derbyshire Rd 02 Images 02 Slides
03 Hope Road 03 Images 03 Slides
04 General 04 Images 04 Slides
05 Central 05 Images 05 Slides
06 General 06 Images 06 Slides
07 Town Hall/Broad Road 07 Images 07 Slides
08 Wardle Road 08 Images 08 Slides
09 Dane Rd/Sale Water Park 09 Images 09 Slides
10 Framingham Road 10 Images 10 Slides
11 Cross Street/Dane Road 11 Images 11 Slides
12 General 12 Images 12 Slides
13 Meedway 13 Images 13 Slides
14 Woodhouse Lane 14 Images 14 Slides
15 Meedway 15 Images 15 Slides
16 General 16 Images 16 Slides
17 Coppice Avenue 17 Images 17 Slides
All General All Images All Slides

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Special thanks go to all past and present SPS members especially - Roland Asquith, Mike Bannister, Keith Brownlow, John Earnshaw, Jonathan Hart, Joyce and Dave Hollows, Joyce Howarth, Liam O'Keeffe, Ken Matthews, Karen McBride, Dave Moult and Mike Riley.

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