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How to join Sale Photographic Society (SPS)

You can come along as a visitor to any meeting and pay just the the visitors fee, which is currently £ 2 per night, which includes refreshments to try out our club. Whenever / if you decide to join SPS, any visitor fees already paid will be deducted from the subscription fee for joining if this is to your benefit (depends on the date of joining).

The subscription fee set for the current financial year which ends on 30/09/2019 for all members (includes pensioners and couples) is £ 55 but excludes students and the unemployed for whom the charge remains at £ 15.

Please note - there are no additional admission charges for members on the night, unlike most clubs who have an admittance charge which often effectively can make their subscription rates significantly higher than our own.

We meet every week throughout the year with no break apart from 2 weeks over Christmas unlike the majority of clubs who do break over the summer period. If you require any further information or wish to discuss membership fees further then kindly contact our Treasurer (tel 0161 282 3903).

  • The Society meets every Thursday with the agenda being focused on digital imaging, print, slide shows, lectures, etc.
  • 2019 Syllabus
  • We meet at St. Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Harboro Road, Sale M33_6GD at 20:00hrs most weeks of the year.
  • Location map.
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