Currently we are meeting On-Line

At the moment our full programme of meetings continues on-line. We anticipate a return to meetings at the Church Centre in September. Where possible, these will also be available on-line for those who do not feel comfortable meeting others. Details of events are circulated to the membership. If you would like to join us, please email our secretary.


Although competitions are a big part of our activities, there is no requirement on members to participate in them. Competitions are held regularly throughout the year. They are a way for authors to receive feedback on their images. It is intended that authors use the feedback that they and others receive to improve their images. Depending on the competition, images may be entered as projected digital images (PDIs) or mounted prints. The competitions are split into several types as follows:

  • Merit Competitions (four per year) These competitions are about showing any colour image (colour open) or any “black and white” image (monochrome open) that an author has taken, and working to a brief (set subject). Results in these competitions contribute to cumulative points competitions that run across the calendar year.
  • Quarterly Competitions (three PDI and three print per year) These competitions allow the demonstration of standard photographic techniques namely pictorial recording of an artefact (record); depiction of a person (portrait); depiction of an animal or plant in its environment, or a naturally occurring phenomenon (natural history); work in monochrome (monochrome open); work in colour (colour open); and working in a set photographic style (set subject). Results in these competitions contribute to cumulative points competitions that run across the calendar year.
  • Annual Competitions (one PDI and one print per year) This ‘fourth quarterly’ competition is the same as the other quarterlies except that trophies are awarded to the authors of winning images and that there is a beginners section.

Only members of SPS can enter competitions.

  • All four merits competitions are split into two parts; PDI and print. The PDI part has three sections monochrome open,
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  • The six quarterly competitions are organised as three pairs. Each pair consists of a print competition and a PDI competition.
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  • There are two annual competitions; a print competition and a PDI competition. Each competition has six sections which are beginners
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Section Definitions
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Image Preparation
  • Submitted Digital Projected Images (DPIs) must be jpeg. These can be presented in either landscape or portrait format; whatever the
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  • Prints must be mounted on board with a maximum size of 400mm x 500mm and a minimum size of 375mm
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