Currently we are meeting OnLine

As we are following government advice, our normal weekly meetings at the church centre have been cancelled. However, we are organising monthly competitions and are hosting virtual meetings. Details of these are circulated to the membership.

Record Definition

The purpose of a record image is to document an artefact such that an observer looking at the image in the future will know exactly what the artefact looked like (including its colour). The artefact in a record image should be sharp all over, interesting and self-explanatory. Peripheral elements of the image such as foreground and background need not be sharp. An image need not be pictorially pleasing, but it is a bonus if it is. A record image must always be accurately titled.

  • All four merits competitions are split into two parts; PDI and print. The PDI part has three sections monochrome open,
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  • The six quarterly competitions are organised as three pairs. Each pair consists of a print competition and a PDI competition.
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  • There are two annual competitions; a print competition and a PDI competition. Each competition has six sections which are beginners
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Section Definitions
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Image Preparation
  • Submitted Digital Projected Images (DPIs) must be jpeg. These can be presented in either landscape or portrait format; whatever the
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  • Prints must be mounted on board with a maximum size of 400mm x 500mm and a minimum size of 375mm
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