Image Preparation

Prints must be mounted on board with a maximum size of 400mm x 500mm and a minimum size of 375mm along one side. Prints may be surface or window mounted. In either case, care must be taken to ensure that no adhesive or tape is exposed anywhere on the front or back surface of the mount. When using window mounting, the print must be backed with a board that is the same size as the front mount, and the total thickness must not exceed 4mm. The title of the image and the section into which it is entered must be written in the top-left corner on the back of the mount. The authors name must not appear in the image or anywhere on the mount.

Submitted Digital Projected Images (DPIs) must be jpeg. These can be presented in either landscape or portrait format; whatever the format used, the maximum width is 1600 pixels and the maximum height is 1200 pixels (see notes on resizing below). If an image is smaller than 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high, there is no need to add a border to make it exactly 1600x1200 pixels. Note, when an image is projected a black boarder will be automatically added; also adding a border make it harder to use the image to promote the club on the website and other media.

The jpegs should use the sRGB (IEC 61966-2-1) colour space. The filename of the jpeg file must be the title of the image. The authors name must not appear in the image or in the title of the image.

Image Resizing

The procedure for a resizing an image using Photoshop is:

  1. Load the image to be resized.
  2. Select Image>Image Size…
  3. Ensure that width and height are linked (link between them is highlighted)
  4. Set the Width property to 1600 pixels
  5. If Height property is greater than 1200, set it to 1200
  6. Press OK; your image appears shrink on the screen
  7. To bring the image back to normal size select View>Fit on Screen
  8. Save as .jpg

On Windows, Photos can be used:

  1. Right click on the the image and select Open With... > Photos
  2. Use the three dots at the top right of the window to access the Resize menu
  3. Select Define custom dimensions
  4. Ensure that Maintain aspect ratio is ticked
  5. Set the Width property to 1600 pixels
  6. If Height property is greater than 1200, set it to 1200
  7. Set Quality to 100%
  8. Press Save resized copy
  9. Set name and location for resized copy